Mathilde Fiquet

Mathilde Fiquet

Director-General, FEDMA - Vice-Chair of EDAA

Mathilde Fiquet is the FEDMA Director-General in charge of privacy, data protection and online dossiers. She joined FEDMA in 2010 after studying European Public Affairs at the University of Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Federation Of European Direct And Interactive Marketing (FEDMA)


The principal aim of FEDMA is to promote and protect the European direct and interactive marketing industry by creating greater acceptance and usage of, and confidence in direct and interactive marketing by European consumers and business communities.

Moreover, FEDMA fights for the freedom of communication by encouraging European institutions to ensure a healthy commercial and legislative environment within which the industry may profitably operate and develop.

FEDMA represents most of the European Direct Marketing Associations and companies with multinational business. More than 120 members put their trust in us and develop with our help the dialogue marketing business in Europe.