EDAA 2018 Notification to the Market

EDAA 2018 Notification to the Market

Certification requirement: towards a 2-year validation period for the EDAA Trust Seal

We are pleased to inform you that the EDAA is currently implementing a change in the certification requirements of the European Self-Regulatory Programme on Online Behavioural Advertising. In order to provide a more streamlined approach for the benefit of all participating companies, we shall shortly be extending the validity term of a certification (or recertification) to two years from date of issue. This change is primarily intended to reduce the resource burden of full-scale annual audits for participating companies.

The extended certification term will be effective for new (re-) certifications issued from 1 June 2018.All current certifications will remain unaffected, and companies will run through to the end of their current certification period, before moving over to the 2-year term for subsequent renewals.

Successful award of the Trust Seal via an EDAA-approved Certification Provider (ABC; BPA Worldwide; ePrivacy; TrustArc) will retain the same rigour and high quality standards upon which the Programme has built such strong credibility to-date, albeit with a reduced audit frequency. Under the new certification terms, all Certification Providers will maintain the ongoing monitoring of compliance, whilst now also including a biannual up-weighted check aimed to cover the areas of higher compliance risk. In other words, this new process will result in a more regular contact between companies and Providers, ensuring the highest quality standards, and facilitating the entire certification journey for business whilst minimising administrative burdens for all companies involved.

The move brings the issuance of the EDAA Trust Seal in line with other certification standards across similar fields, and timing is made to coincide with the new legislative landscape from end-May 2018.

This has been designed to improve the processes of the certification journey, an essential element of the industry initiative administered by the EDAA. We trust that you will see the value and positive effects of this change on your business.

Please do not hesitate to contact the EDAA, or your respective Certification Provider, should you have any questions on what this change may mean more specifically for your business.