3-Step Certification Process






Step 1 – Apply to start using the AdChoices Icon

Companies participating in the self-regulatory programme should use the ‘AdChoices Icon’ as a means for providing enhanced notice of Data-Driven Advertising (or Online Behavioural Advertising – OBA) practices to consumers. Any company involved in data-driven advertising, including first and third parties, may apply to start using the Icon.

Definition – A fundamental principle behind the European self-regulatory programme is for entities engaged in data-driven advertising to clearly inform consumers about their data collection and use practices through enhanced notice, provided via the consumer-facing ‘AdChoices Icon’.

Companies participating in the programme may use the AdChoices Icon with approved accompanying text for each European market. Details of this text and other technical guidelines for integrating the Icon are contained in the Technical Specifications for implementing the European Industry Self-Regulatory Framework on Data-Driven Advertising and EASA BPR in Europe.

Business model obligations – How does Data-Driven Advertising apply to your business model? When it comes to Data-Driven Advertising, companies may be involved in different ways, potentially playing one or more roles. A company can:

  1. Act as a Website Operator by
    • Allowing third parties to collect data for Data-Driven Advertising purposes on its owned and operated website(s);
    • Allowing ads to be placed on its owned and operated website(s) by third parties that use Data-Driven Advertising data.
  2. Act as a Third Party by
    • Displaying ads on unaffiliated websites, and using own or acquired Data-Driven Advertising data in the process;
    • Collecting data online for Data-Driven Advertising purposes or use Data-Driven Advertising data to deliver ads.


Please find more information about the participation fees here.


Please use the form here to submit your application for using the AdChoices Icon. After submitting the online application, you will receive a confirmation email with the appropriate participation agreement(s) to complete the registration process. Delivery and use of the Icon will be contingent on the execution of a participation agreement and receipt of payment (if applicable).

Different scenarios to follow according to the business model of your company:


If you are actively involved in Third-Party Data-Driven Advertising by using data to deliver ads on websites that you do not own or control, then you should apply to start using the AdChoices Icon.



If you are actively involved in Third-Party Data-Driven Advertising by collecting data for Data-Driven Advertising purposes from websites that you do not own or control, then you should integrate on the Consumer Choice Platform.



If you collect and use Data-Driven Advertising data from websites that you do not own or control, then you should both apply to start using the AdChoices Icon and integrate on the Consumer Choice Platform.

If you place ads through Third Parties (such as an advertising agency or ad networks) and these parties collect and/or use Data-Driven Advertising data to deliver your ads, you should ensure that such partners already provide clear notice of their Data-Driven Advertising practices. It is recommended to discuss this with potential partners and require their participation before entering into contractual agreements.



If you act as a Website Operator and a Third Party is not displaying the ‘enhanced notice’ through placing the AdChoices Icon in or around ads delivered on your site, you should provide a notice (“adequate disclosure” under the European Principles) either by listing all third parties operating on your site or by providing a link to the Consumer Choice Platform. Adequate disclosure should be separate from your website’s general privacy policy, and you may apply to (voluntarily) use the AdChoices Icon for this purpose.

Step 2 – Integrate on the Consumer Choice Platform

If you actively collect data for Data-Driven Advertising purposes or deliver ads to consumers based on Data-Driven Advertising data, you may also register for the Consumer Choice Platform.

Definition – Integration on the Consumer Choice Platform is available for companies actively engaged in collecting Data-Driven Advertising data and/or delivering Data-Driven ads. “Integration” means that your company will be added to the list of participating companies who offer consumers choice and control, by giving them the ability to turn off (or back on) online behavioural advertising. The Consumer Choice Platform is aimed at empowering consumers whilst protecting Data-Driven Advertising for businesses as a responsible advertising practice.


Please find more information about the participation fees here.


Registration is a two-phased process. Firstly, submit your company interest by completing the form here. We will then review the suitability of your application and contact you, using the information provided, with further details.

Step 3 – Comply with the European self-regulatory principles for Data-Driven Advertising


Within 6 months of starting to use the AdChoices Icon or being integrated on the Consumer Choice Platform, participating companies will be required to self-certify their compliance with the European Principles.

The self-certification of compliance shall be limited to those requirements applicable to each participating company’s business model; however, should a company be subject to multiple obligations, the self-certification must cover all such applicable provisions. In other words, if a company fulfils more than one role in the advertising eco-system, then it should comply with the requirements applicable to each of those roles.

Note: the self-certification of compliance under the Self-Regulatory Programme does not exempt companies from fulfilling their obligations under applicable national laws.

Submission of your self-certification of compliance to EDAA should be done by:

  • Using the self-certification online form, or
  • Using the PDF version which is available for download here.

This form represents the technical means for companies to submit their self-certification of compliance to EDAA. The data collected via this form will only be used by EDAA and by approved Independent Certification Providers, and only for the specific purpose of ensuring compliance with the Self-Regulatory Programme.

After processing your submitted form, your company’s name will be added to the list of self-certified companies on EDAA’s website. Once submitted, EDAA will directly receive your self-certification; you will also receive a copy of the submission as well as a confirmation email of receipt. If you do not receive this email, please contact us at info@edaa.eu

Independent Certification

Within 7 months of licensing, all “Third Parties” must independently verify their compliance with an approved Certification Provider. Certification Providers will grant successful companies a renewable Trust Seal, owned by EDAA, which will act as a representation to the market and to consumers that the company is fully compliant with the Self-Regulatory Programme. This trading seal is envisaged to have a significant market value to compliant businesses, conveying a sense of trust and good standing from consumers and business partners towards the company that receives it.

Effective compliance and enforcement is a key aspect of the Self-Regulatory Programme and the independent certification process will enable comprehensive information to ensure that consumer complaints addressed to national Self-Regulatory Organisations (SROs) across Europe are handled in a consistent and efficient manner. Companies should be aware of the national SROs in countries where they operate, a list and contact details of which can be found on the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA)’s website.

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