Self-Certification application form

How to submit your self-certification

Submission of your self-certification of compliance to EDAA should be done by following the steps below:

  • Make sure you fulfil all the applicable criteria (according to your role in the market place)
  • Use the self-certification form below to submit your self-certification of compliance, or use the PDF version which is available for download here.

Once submitted, EDAA will directly receive your self-certification; you will also receive a copy of the submission as well as confirmation of receipt. If you do not receive this email, please contact us at info[at]edaa[dot]eu.

NoteParticipating companies acting as Third Parties have to submit their self-certification to an independent certification of compliance, and it is expected that companies will do so within one month from submitting their self-certification. This independent certification can only be performed by the EDAA-approved Independent Certification Providers, and the final step of the certification is granting of the Trust Seal signifying full compliance with the IAB EU Framework on OBA. More details on Certification Providers and the Trust Seal can be found here.

    Company information:

    *please make sure you complete all applicable questions, and if not applicable enter N.A

    **Please let us know which valid EDAA Licence Agreement your company currently holds

    Identification data:

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    Role in the market:

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    Best-practice recommendations for self-certification of compliance:

    Under the terms of the IAB Europe OBA Framework and EASA Best Practice Recommendation on Online Behavioural Advertising, a number of provisions apply differently to signatories, according to their role in the online advertising value chain. A signatory can simultaneously play several roles; in such circumstances, self-certification must cover all applicable provisions

    Best practice recommendation - Advertisers:

    Best practice recommendation - Agencies

    Best practice recommendation - Publishers

    Please provide the wording that you use in your footer link:

    Please provide the URL of the information page that opens when clicking on the footer link:

    The information page contains (tick all that apply):

    Criteria for self-certification of compliance - Third Parties:

    Under the terms of the IAB Europe OBA Framework and EASA Best Practice Recommendation on Online Behavioural Advertising, a number of provisions apply to signatory companies acting as Third Parties:

    Data security:


    Companies should maintain appropriate physical, electronic, and administrative safeguards to protect the data collected and used for OBA purposes, including any backups.

    Data Storage:

    Companies should retain data that is collected and used for OBA only for as long as necessary to fulfil a legitimate business need, or as required by law.

    Sensitive Segmentation:

    Children's segmentation:

    Other sensitive segments:


    Complaints handling:

    Web users may make complaints about incidents of suspected non-compliance with the Principles of the IAB Europe OBA Framework. While web users will have available a number of ways to make complaints, Companies must ensure that, regardless of what means the user uses to submit the complaint (whether directly to the Company or through an industry or self-regulatory body), proper processes are in place to ensure a timely and satisfactory response and resolution of the issue, if necessary.

    Third Party Privacy Notice:

    Third Parties should give clear and comprehensible notice on their websites describing their OBA data collection and use practices.

    The Third Party Privacy Notice includes the following information (check all that apply):

    Third Party Enhanced Notice:

    Third Parties should provide "enhanced notice" of the collection and use of data for OBA purposes via the Ad Marker in or around the advertisement, in accordance with the provisions of the Technical Specifications

    User Choice:

    Each Third Party should make available a mechanism for web users to exercise their choice with respect to the collection and use of data for OBA purposes and the transfer of such data to Third Parties for OBA.

    Explicit consent:

    Withdrawal of Explicit Consent obtained with regard to question 1 or 2 from the above section: