The mission of EDAA is to provide the AdChoices Icon to companies active in digital advertising in Europe. The Icon is displayed on digital ads (usually in the top corner), and links through (usually via an interstitial page) to the innovative Consumer Choice Platform, where you (as an internet user) can learn more about data-driven advertising, what it helps fund and how you can exercise control over the collection and use of your data by any or all participating companies. EDAA also provides the resources necessary for companies to participate on this platform and provide consumers with this choice.

How EDAA’s self-regulatory programme benefits businesses

The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) delivers an industry-wide, future proof and technology-neutral self-regulatory programme, developed with and for the online advertising industry. With growing concerns around consumer privacy and the consumer’s online experience, advertisers are looking for business solutions to rebuild consumer trust through enhanced transparency and control. EDAA’s programme enables businesses to complement existing legislation, whilst ensuring that the online advertising industry continues to help Europe’s digital sector thrive and innovate.


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European Principles

Discover the European Principles regulating online advertising

For Companies

What does EDAA do for companies?

For Consumers

What does EDAA do for consumers?

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