The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance‘s principal purpose is to provide the ‘AdChoices Icon’ to companies involved in data-driven advertising across Europe.

Data-Driven Advertising (or OBA) consists of the collection and use of previous web-browsing activity (through cookies) to deliver relevant advertising to the consumer.

The AdChoices Icon is a consumer-facing, interactive symbol that links consumers to an online portal, YourOnlineChoices.euwhere anyone can find easy-to-understand information about data-driven advertising as well as a mechanism for exercising informed choice over tailored, personalised ads – if you so wish, you may ‘turn off’ personalised advertising by some or all companies.

We at EDAA are constantly looking at the user’s online experience and how we can improve this experience, and consequently user’s trust in the ecosystem. 


EDAA was founded in 2012 by a European industry coalition representing advertisers, the advertising agency sector, the interactive and direct marketing sector, the advertising technology sector and the media sector. EDAA is governed by EU-level organisations, which make up the value chain of data-driven advertising within Europe, and acts to ensure consistency in the European self-regulatory approach. The EDAA’s guiding principles are laid out in the European Industry Self-Regulatory Framework for Data-Driven Advertising and the Best Practice Recommendation for Online Behavioural Advertising of the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA).

The governing organisations of the EDAA can be found here.


Check out our handy glossary if you need help with some of the jargon.

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Worldwide partners

The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) works closely with other self-regulatory programs worldwide to make the AdChoices program a global endeavour.

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