EDAA launches new solution to DSA ad transparency requirements

EDAA launches new solution to DSA ad transparency requirements

Brussels, 17 February — Today marks an important day for the online advertising ecosystem. The Digital Services Act is now enforceable in its entirety and Online Platforms are required to comply with the provisions it puts forward. The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) has been working with its cross-industry partners on a solution that will facilitate companies in meeting the requirements of Article 26 of the new regulation: the EDAA’s “Advanced Advertising Transparency Programme” (AATP).

The AATP builds on the renowned “AdChoices Icon”, a well-recognised and valued consumer-facing symbol [] ubiquitous across online ads. Key information disclosed through the AdChoices Icon will include the identity of the advertiser and the main parameters used to match the ad to a specific internet user, including information on how to change such parameters, where applicable. It will leverage the IAB Europe and IAB Tech Lab’s latest OpenRTB extension for DSA Transparency, enabling companies to act in a consistent and standardised way, whilst also leveraging key existing partnerships for accountability through independent auditors delivering certification services — ABC, BPA Worldwide, ePrivacy and TrustArc —, as well as enforcement through the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) and its network of national advertising self-regulatory organisations.

EDAA has engaged proactively in positive discussions with the European Commission in relation to this new initiative.

Angela Mills Wade, Chair of EDAA and Executive Director of the European Publishers’ Council, emphasised: “Companies that respect consumers, keeping them informed and empowered, will be the ones that earn the right to use consumer data responsibly for the delivery and betterment of their content and services. The EDAA’s new AATP ensures transparency is the order of the day and provides a standardised approach for the benefit of companies, regulators, and most importantly of all, consumers.”

Ionel Naftanaila, Programme Development Director at the EDAA, noted: “All companies should take note of this critical industry development as the DSA enters into effect for all Online Platforms. We invite platforms to use the tools being made available, and third-party AdTech players to equally adopt the appropriate industry measures to support their partners’ efforts. This is a truly cross-industry and collaborative effort that we are proud to make available as a means for enhanced advertising transparency.”

David Barron, Director of Operations at the EDAA continued: “EDAA’s core values of transparency, choice and control, along with its long-standing experience of delivering credible market-based solutions backed by meaningful accountability and enforcement, will drive this new and ambitious approach into the new era of data-driven advertising – an era built on respect and values-driven business decisions”.

Conor Murray, Chair of the industry Steering Group that worked on the solution concluded: “Chairing the cross-industry efforts, I am thrilled to announce today’s launch, which I’m confident already has the backing of many diverse companies and associations. The result of this great deal of hard work is both an innovative and rigorous solution, delivering real market and consumer-facing value. In launching this new initiative, we are not only advancing our industry but also fulfilling our collective commitment to fostering a digital advertising environment built on integrity and trust.”

EDAA and its AATP solution represent the forefront of consumer-focused transparency in the online advertising industry, paving the way for a truly responsible, sustainable and innovative future.

Companies looking to understand their advertising transparency obligations under the EU’s Digital Services Act, should reach out to the EDAA, via aatp@edaa.eu, where more information can be sought, along with the tools and resources to participate.

For more information on the new initiative, visit the AATP page.


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The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance EDAA is responsible for the administration of the pan industry self-regulatory programme on Data Driven Advertising, enabling users, through the display of the well-recognised “AdChoices Icon”, and consumer choice portal, to access transparency and choice with regard to online data-driven advertising. EDAA sets the bar in creating a better and more transparent user experience and consequently works to improve user trust in the digital advertising ecosystem. EDAA provides technical means for consumers to exercise transparency and control over data-driven advertising through the youronlinechoices.eu online consumer choice site. More information can be found at www.edaa.eu.


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