EDAA Summit 2021: Choices for a better future – Register for free now

EDAA Summit 2021: Choices for a better future – Register for free now

Brussels, 18 October 2021. On 15 November, the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) will host its Summit on digital advertising and data privacy. This comes as EU legislators set out future options for a comprehensive set of rules governing data and privacy, as industry grapples with technologies and standards to ensure privacy protection, and as consumers demand respect for the handling of their data.

EDAA is delighted to host an afternoon of open-minded, honest and critical debate that promises to get to the heart of the issues facing regulators, industry and civil society at large. The Summit will take place on 15 November 2021, at the Brussels Marriott Hotel Grand Place. An inclusive format, the event will be free-of-charge to all attendees, in hybrid-mode accepting both in-person and online registrations – you can register here.

‘The debate over the value of tailored online advertising in Europe has become increasingly polarised in recent months’ says Dave Barron, Director of Operations at the EDAA. ‘Our goal with this year’s Summit is to hear diverse views and give parties the opportunity to set the record straight. Insights from the event will help to shape how industry standards, through effective self-regulation, can complement regulation in this field and enhance trust with consumers.”

From policy keynotes and panels covering the DSA, enforcement conversations with DPAs, a review of global privacy regimes, a dive into leading industry innovation, self-regulatory best practice, and an unmissable futurist keynote – there’s truly something for everyone with an interest in the world of digital advertising and data privacy.

From a series of renowned experts and speakers, you can expect the following key takeaways:

  1. Learn what the Digital Services Act brings for consumers and business
  2. Hear first-hand the enforcement priorities of DPAs towards online advertising operators
  3. Increase your awareness of the latest industry developments towards a cookieless future
  4. Understand the role of self-regulatory standards across the globe and the benefits they bring
  5. Recognise the ‘data galaxy of the future’!
  6. Discover when it’s time to ‘seek your walls’!

Read more about the 2021 EDAA Summit here.

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About EDAA

The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA)’s principal purpose is to provide the ‘AdChoices Icon’ to companies involved in data-driven advertising (or OBA) across Europe. The AdChoices Icon is a consumer-facing, interactive symbol that links consumers to an online portal, www.youronlinechoices.eu, where consumers can, in clear, user-friendly language, find out about their online ad choices, how online advertising is used to support the sites and services they use and how they can safeguard their privacy. Over 140 companies are actively participating in the Programme, through the use of the AdChoices Icon and/or integration on the YourOnlineChoices Platform, which is available in 33 countries and 27 languages, averaging tens of millions of visits each year. More information at www.edaa.eu.

We have invited to the table representatives from all key areas of the ecosystem, for candid and insightful discussions, for guidance, and for opinions about where the industry is going and how we can make sure that its destination is one that benefits everyone involved. The stellar content, delivered by renowned speakers and experts, will provide a global perspective framed within the European space. Please find the agenda below (still subject to change) and stay tuned for the speaker lineup that will be announced soon. All times are CET.

EDAA Summit 2021 Programme

(In-person attendees only) Take this opportunity to interact, network and warm-up for the coming insightful keynotes, heated debates, constructive panels, and future-framing discussions. A standing lunch and refreshments will be provided.

(Live streaming commences) Angela Mills Wade, Chair, EDAA and Executive Director, EPC, will welcome all attendees and introduce the topics of the day.

Hear from regulators what views they have on the DSA package of measures and the spotlight given towards heightened advertising transparency measures and codes of conduct, amongst other key provisions. This is your chance to get to grips with a transformative piece of legislation, understanding the key benefits and implications for consumers and business.

Following the policy keynote, several leading associations will discuss how different sectors of the digital advertising ecosystem – from media publishers, agencies, direct marketers, technology platforms, and brand advertisers, are preparing. Where do the challenges and opportunities lie? Where is the digital advertising industry already advanced? What gaps exist today? What key initiatives are in the pipeline to overcome those gaps?

Join us for this critical conversation and hear the most pertinent questions put towards a leading DPA. Where do the DPAs see challenges to the one-stop-shop mechanism? How will the GDPR and DSA interact?  How are different interpretations of laws impacting the work of the DPA? What are the key enforcement priorities for DPAs going forward? What key advice can be offered to companies operating across the digital advertising sector?

Find out how quantum creativity can help you create a future “without cookies”, why the often quoted “survival of the fittest”- approach is a myth and why the perfection of “individual privacy” will not help you tackle the BIG CHALLENGES of today.

Come see the latest installment of one of the highest-rated programmes from major privacy conferences as it makes its Global debut at the 2021 EDAA Summit. We’ll reveal what privacy and data protection look like for policy, technology, business and society in the data galaxy of the future!

Hear from our international network across Europe, the US, Canada and Argentina on privacy developments worldwide and their impact on self-regulatory standards and codes. This session aims to provide a better understanding of the core values and benefits of effective self-regulation amidst different regulatory regimes, and the key global developments taking shape for the benefit of companies operating across the industry and across borders.

Quick-fire presentations that will provide a concentrated overview of the crazy and exciting world of AdTech policy. From W3C to PRAM, we distill the big picture and cover what you need to know. A must-attend session!

Drawing on the presentations from the previous session, expert authorities in data protection and digital advertising will answer a series of questions designed to provide a comprehensive overview of how companies are concretely planning to tackle the challenges of tomorrow and capitalise on its opportunities.

(Live-streaming ends) Angela Mills Wade, Chair, EDAA and Executive Director, EPC, will thank participants and audience and revisit the key takeaways from today’s event.

(In-person attendees only) The perfect ending to a genuinely fruitful day.

We hope you’re looking forward to reconnect as much as we are!