Change of name for EDAA’s core Principles Document

Change of name for EDAA’s core Principles Document

Brussels, 31 March 2021 – The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) is changing the name of its core principles document to European Industry Self-Regulatory Framework on Data-Driven Advertising, originally published in 2011 as the IAB Europe OBA Framework.

The Framework is based upon 7 key self-regulatory principles for data-driven advertising (or OBA): notice, user choice, data security, sensitive segmentation, education, compliance and enforcement, and review. It aims to support Data-Driven Advertising as an effective business practice in the toolbox of marketers, by ensuring internet users can understand and control their online ad experience. Along with its other European Principles Documents, the Framework has been the basis for the EDAA Programme since 2011, comprising of the AdChoices Icon and YourOnlineChoices platform. Under this programme, third-party ad tech vendors licence the icon and access the platform or implement an own interstitial page that consumers may use to receive real time information and express preferences regarding OBA they receive from those vendors.

This name change was unanimously and formally approved in 2020 by the EDAA Board following a review of the Framework in light of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and to eliminate potential risk of confusion between the EDAA Framework and the Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) issued three years ago by IAB Europe and the network of National IABs in Europe.

In parallel to the adoption of the GDPR in 2016 and the general applicability of the Regulation as from May 2018 by the digital advertising industry, the EDAA and its self-regulatory programme continues to deliver value and relevance to both the industry and consumers with:

  • Over 150 billion AdChoices Icons were delivered to European internet users in 2020 alone;
  • The consumer choice platform, available in 27 languages and 33 countries across Europe, had 26.5 million page views in 2020;
  • Over 140 companies are currently part of the EDAA Programme.
  • Brands, websites, transparency in online advertising and even OBA practices benefit from the Programme and the information and control it provides to users[1]

Please contact Dr. Ionel Naftanaila (ionel.naftanaila [at] for further information.

About EDAA

The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA)’s principal purpose is to provide the ‘AdChoices Icon’ to companies involved in data-driven advertising (or OBA) across Europe. The AdChoices Icon is a consumer-facing, interactive symbol that links consumers to an online portal,, where consumers can, in clear, user-friendly language, find out about their online ad choices, how online advertising is used to support the sites and services they use and how they can safeguard their privacy. Over 140 companies are actively participating in the Programme, through the use of the AdChoices Icon and/or integration on the YourOnlineChoices Platform, which is available in 33 countries and 27 languages, averaging tens of millions of visits each year. More information at