EDAA participates at the DAA Summit, Los Angeles

EDAA participates at the DAA Summit, Los Angeles

The DAA (US) Summit took place on the 13th May in Los Angeles. This annual event gathered key stakeholders across the US online advertising community to exchange views around the latest developments of the US Self-Regulatory Programme for interest based advertising.
Key topics during the day focused on using data to make smarter ad serving decisions, the challenges of cross device personalised advertising, the ad supported online video ecosystem, the use of interest based advertising both for profit and not-for-profit purposes, and the importance of privacy.

One panel was dedicated to ensuring the full value of ad supported services. It was indicated that US consumers today assign the value of $1197,24 per year to ad supported online content. In the US, ad blocking software has been installed on over 10% of desktops. This growing tendency represents not just a loss of advertising revenues, but impacts the entire model of ad supported online content.

Echoing a conference held by the ASRC (Advertising Self-Regulatory Council), the panel on accountability focused on complaints received by the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) and the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and the importance of the enforcement work accompanying any self-regulatory programme. Maneesha Mithal of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) shared with the audience the FTC’s focus of enforcement: (i) sensitive information (health data, geolocation data, children’s data…); (ii) big data; and (iii) Internet of things.

During the last panel of the day, focused on international developments, as Vice-Chair of the EDAA, I had the opportunity to communicate the state of play in Europe, with a special mention of the first EDAA Summit in March in Brussels, where we saw the launch of the European mobile principles. The discussion continued on the challenges that the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will soon bring to the advertising industry in Europe and how the EDAA intends to stay relevant whilst adding value to participating businesses through the Programme.

For more information about the European mobile principles, please peruse the documentation here, or reach out to my colleagues at: info[at]edaa[dot]eu.