Certified companies
EDAA-seal All participating companies listed below have completed the independent certification process with an EDAA-approved Independent Certification Provider. These companies have been granted the corresponding Trust Seal, demonstrating full compliance with the European OBA Self-Regulatory Programme. This is the final step of the compliance journey within the Programme. Read more about the process.
Self-Certified companies
All participating companies listed below have submitted their self-certification of compliance to the EDAA. The self-certification of compliance is a declaration by the company that their OBA policies and practices comply with the industry standards administered by the EDA, and is the first compliance step under the Programme. The Third Parties listed below are currently working with their chosen Certification Provider towards obtaining the EDAA Trust Seal, and becoming fully compliant. Read more about the process
Participating Companies
The companies listed below hold a relevant EDAA Licence Agreement for use of the OBA Icon oba across European markets and/or integration with the pan-European consumer choice platform at www.YourOnlineChoices.eu. All participating companies are actively providing notice and choice to consumers over their behavioural advertising preferences, and are working to achieve full compliance with the industry standards (see certified and self-certified companies).