EDAA names TRUSTe and Evidon as Approved OBA Icon Providers

EDAA names TRUSTe and Evidon as Approved OBA Icon Providers

Brussels, 24 June 2013: – The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) has today announced the approval of two technology platform providers, TRUSTe and Evidon, to serve the “OBA Icon” on behalf of companies delivering online ads across Europe.

Today’s announcement makes the provisional agreements between EDAA and the two providers, in place since mid-2012, official. This approval is a significant development for the European Self-Regulatory Programme on Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA).

TRUSTe’s “TRUSTed Ads” solution and Evidon’s “InForm” solution mean that companies operating in Europe can be confident that they are using credible, well recognised platforms to let European consumers know when OBA is in use.

Oliver Gray, Director-General of the EDAA, said, “It is important to ensure that all OBA ads show the icon, and we are pleased that as approved and valued partners, TRUSTe and Evidon will further facilitate this across European markets.”

Providing billions of icon impressions across Europe every month, this official approval of TRUSTe and Evidon as technology platform providers will further guarantee high visibility of the OBA Icon on online ads.

The EDAA is also taking action to increase consumer awareness and understanding of the Icon and OBA more generally, with the launch of “Unzipped”, a pan-European consumer awareness campaign, last week in the UK and now in Ireland. The campaign will be rolled out in Germany next with remaining EU and EEA markets to follow shortly.



For more information, please contact: info@edaa.eu

T: +32 (0)2 513 7806


The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (www.edaa.eu) is a non-profit organisation based in Brussels and is responsible for enacting key aspects of the self-regulatory initiative for Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) across Europe. EDAA principally acts as the central licensing body for the OBA Icon and provides technical means for consumers to exercise transparency and control over OBA through the online consumer choice platform at www.youronlinechoices.eu. EDAA is governed by EU-level organisations which make up the value chain of OBA within Europe and acts to ensure European consistency in approach.


Primarily, the education campaign will drive awareness of the OBA icon, licensed by the EDAA and placed on online ads, to ensure consumers associate it with meaningful transparency, choice and control over online behavioural advertising.

The OBA icon is a means for consumers to identify where OBA is being practiced in a clear and contextual manner. The icon links consumers to a pan-European consumer choice platform at www.youronlinechoices.eu, which aims to inform and provide choice and control. The website has been revamped alongside the launch of the campaign.

Through the Programme, consumers will better understand online advertising, as well as the means that are available to them if they wish to file complaints. Credible consumer complaint handling mechanisms in each national market will be handled by well-established and recognised national advertising self-regulatory organisations (SROs).

The campaign, which has been designed by Mediacom Beyond Advertising, is based on a concept developed by a team of students at KH Leuven, Belgium, who were finalists in a student competition run by EACA (European Association of Communications Agencies).


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