2014 Activity Report

2014 Activity Report

The 2014 Activity Report highlights how more and more businesses are stepping up to the challenge: delivering innovative ways for consumers to manage their privacy. People are now more aware of the tools available, such as the Icon, to do this, as demonstrated by the research EDAA and TRUSTe conducted across 10 EU markets (see page 12).

But there is still much work to do. The EDAA’s processes need to deliver a globally aligned and efficient initiative for both companies and consumers, but also to continue to boost awareness of the privacy tools it offers. In 2015 we will seek to continue to achieve this. An effective and robust initiative must maintain pace with market realities. Business models evolve as technology advances and consumer behaviour changes.

The EDAA is facing that challenge head-on, working closely with companies themselves, their industry representatives – both at national and EU level – approved certification providers and enforcement bodies. The programme needs to encourage investment in privacy whilst enabling innovation in advertising technology to the benefit of brands, publishers and consumers. As we move forward, the EDAA will continue to collaborate with all stakeholders, including the European Commission, other policy makers, regulators, consumer and civil society groups, wishing to help build a model of smart regulation across Europe.

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March 3, 2015