Interactive Advertising Bureau

Interactive Advertising Bureau

IAB Europe is the voice of digital business and the leading European-level industry association for the digital advertising eco-system.

Public Affairs
Our Public Affairs team follows developments impacting our industry from data protection to self-regulation on Online Behavioral Advertising to e-privacy. The team works closely with experts in taskforces with the Policy Committee or the Web Analytics Committee.

Data Analysis
We provide Proof of the value of digital marketing techniques and platforms through research. undertaking useful benchmarking and shared pan-European studies and surveys including the AdEx Benchmark report, Mediascope Europe and further partner reports.

Promoting the digital and interactive marketing industry
We Promote the role of online advertising through events, white papers and public relations. Several Committees and Taskforces are running, with members and staff drawing on expertise and resources to deliver products and services for the industry.

Defining standards and practices
We increase the engagement across the network on policy matters; and in increasing the focus on the business of standardisation and measurement across Europe.


Rond-Point Robert Schumanplein 11
1040 Brussels

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