24) What is the “independent compliance assessment” and is it relevant for my company?

24) What is the “independent compliance assessment” and is it relevant for my company?

[ps2id id=’faq-24′ target=”/]Purpose: to complete an independent assessment of compliance and obtain the corresponding “trust seal”.

Companies can choose from a range of EDAA-approved Certification Providers in order to fulfil the further compliance obligations: an independent compliance assessment and continuous monitoring of compliance related activity. All approved providers to-date offer an annual assessment of compliance.

Timeframe: within 8 months of signing up. Companies not completing the independent compliance assessment within this timeframe will be considered to be in breach of the Programme, and EDAA may take appropriate action (i.e. withdrawing company use of the AdChoices Icon and/or integration on the “YOC” Consumer Choice Platform).

Further information: in order to help ensure a competitive market, EDAA has approved several providers. As the process must be handled independently of EDAA, exact pricing and assessment methodologies should be agreed directly between the company and the Certification Provider.

Certification Providers are required to apply the certification services in an independent manner (from industry and other services). All approved Certification Providers have verified this independence to the satisfaction of EDAA. Where a Certification Provider is also providing other services within the European Self-Regulatory Programme (such as acting as an approved Icon Provider), EDAA has deemed that these services are being performed in a manner demonstrating a clear separation of internal business processes.