3) What are the European Principles on OBA?

3) What are the European Principles on OBA?

[ps2id id=’faq-3′ target=”/]The European Principles documents include

  • The IAB Europe OBA Framework serves to codify industry self-regulatory standards for Online Behavioural Advertising in Europe, highlighting a set of key principles that participating companies must adhere to.
  • The EASA Best Practice Recommendation on OBA builds on this Framework by providing guidance to national advertising Self-Regulatory Organisations, under the umbrella of the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA), to apply credible complaint handling and sanctions mechanisms, ensuring the accountability of the Programme.
  • The Technical Specifications for Implementing the IAB Europe OBA Framework and EASA BPR in Europe details how companies should technically apply the OBA Icon to online ads and how to avoid collision of overlays being applied at different stages in the ad delivery process.

Over several years, the Programme and principles have also expanded, for instance into the mobile and video advertising spaces, to keep pace with evolving market technologies and consumer use trends. As such, the European Principles have built upon the initial Framework and BPR, to include today:

  • The Self-Certification Criteria for Participating Companies,
  • Application of the Principles in the Mobile Environment,
  • Ad Marker Implementation Guidelines for Mobile,
  • Ad Marker Implementation Guidelines for Video.

It is important for companies to review each of the aforementioned European Principles documents and implement the appropriate practices to ensure full compliance with the self-regulatory approach.